Apr 2011

The Store is open


My store is now open! Every photo in the store can be purchased. I use a local print shop who takes great care in each print. All prints are printed on Epson Premium Luster paper. There are some great photos in the site, so when you have a moment check the store out. More prints will be added in the coming days.


It has been some time since I last posted in this site. I hope to start being much more regular in the coming weeks. As the weather improves and I start learning how to use my new camera better I will begin again posting with regularity.

I recently purchased a new Nikon D7000.  Yesterday I took it out for the first time.  I went for a short walk up one of our local canyons.  I was looking for water scenes.  We have a record snowpack, and the weathermen have been stressing that we are in danger of flooding.  The canyon I went up only has water flowing during the spring runoff.  I thought with all this extra water and a new camera I could be in store for some great photos.  The only problem was that the snow in the mountains is not listening to our local weathermen.  The stream bed was dry, not one drop of water was to be found.  As we were hiking we did come along a wall facing North.  This rock wall was covered in moss and other plants.  I am amazed that these plants can survive in such a hostile environment.  The plants are what amaze me.  These are small flowering plants with complete root systems and they are thriving in this small ecosystem.moss