Aug 2011

Light Show over Payson

Last night was a wild night.  It was a hot day with little activity, but as the sun set the sky lit up with a beautiful show.  
The hill where this looks to have hit is about 20 miles from my house driving on the freeway.  By air it is probably closer
to 15 miles away.  I only caught a fraction of the strikes but I did have a great time.

This was one of the rare times I have taken shots of lightning from outside an enclosed building. The strikes were close enough to see, but far enough away to not hear any thunder.

To take this shot I used a tripod with a solid ball head.
I also used a remote shutter release. I had the camera set at 5 and 10 second exposures. I kept shooting away. The only time I didn’t shoot was when I wanted to check the camera settings.

I like all the fingers from this strike that both head into the clouds and towards the ground.
I like how the lightning follows the rain.
I like how you can see where it enters the ground.

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Slate Basin Overlook

Slate Basin

Tonight we decided to go for a drive up beautiful Provo Canyon to Heber Valley for a good old fashioned American Hamburger.  After dinner we drove into the High Uinta Mountains on our way to the Upper Provo River Waterfalls.  As we approached our destination a late summer thunderstorm opened up on us.  I was getting a little discouraged.  So I pulled over to the side of the road where a pull out section had been built.  This was the scene that was awaiting me.