Dec 2011

Last photo of 2011

This is the last photo I will take this year. I hope all of you have a happy new year and that all your dreams come true in 2012.
For this photo I used three cokin split neutral density filters. This darkened the sky and allowed for a proper exposure of the ground. I still decided to process this as an HDR, so I used three exposures. I then used two different filters in color Nik Color Efex Pro. This lightened the sky and brought out more of the color I wanted. The second added the color to the water. I then blended each of these exposures in Photoshop.

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Provo Canyon Double Falls

My friend Jon and I decided to head up Provo Canyon to take some photos of the local waterfalls that feed the Provo river. The hike to this one looked short so we began. The weather quickly warmed into the lower 40's and it was turning into a great day. As soon as we arrived the heavens opened up and it started to rain/hail. This lasted for about 45 min. we were in the perfect position, but the rain was driving into our cameras. After a short rest under the pine trees we pulled out the cameras, and shielded our lenses with the other persons coat. We were unable to get much closer to these falls due to the entire landing area being under a solid sheet of ice.

Provo Canyon Double Falls

Waxing Crescent Moon

I have been itching to get out and take some photos lately, but have been hard pressed to find the time.  This holiday season The weather has been cold with a lot of valley haze.  Today we took the kids for a fun outing to play with some of their Christmas toys.  I took my camera along.  I got a few good snapshots of the kids.  On the way home we stopped by a local waterfall I was anxious to try a new filter out.  I moved quickly due to the temperature being cold and a stiff and steady wind blowing.  The waterfall was flowing nicely and it was surrounded with ice.  I set up and quickly learned that the attachment I needed to mount the camera on the tripod was back at home.  At this point I decided taking photos was not meant to be.  I took the family to a nice restaurant.  Today was just not the day to take photos. On our way home from dinner I saw this amazing photo op.  The only problem was I had dropped my camera off at home before going to eat.  I knew I had only a few moment of magic left so I quickly grabbed the camera bag and ran to the end of our street.  I had time to take about six photos.  This one was about a 6 second exposure.  I love how all the colors come together to form a quiet evening moon set.

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your holiday.  We will all be back to work soon.