Feb 2011

Ice Mountains


Recently we had a strong storm with high winds move into the area.  This storm broke up the ice covered lake, and the wind blew the ice into twenty foot tall ice hills.  I was at the top of one of these mountains looking towards the sunset.  This photo is a five shot HDR.  The final tuning was in lightroom and Topaz Denoise.  It was a little unnerving being on top of the ice.  The ice was unstable and you could hear the small waves splashing underneath you, but the final reward was worth the effort.

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Foggy Morning


On a cold morning last year I went down to the lake as the sun was rising.  Just as the sun was rising the fog cleared just around this lone tree.  With in a few moments the fog had lifted to the point you could see the snow covered ground and surrounding farmland.  I like this photo for the mystery, and how the sun highlights the lone tree.

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Bridal Veil Falls


This is an HDR processed from a single raw image.  I took this photo after a short lived small snowstorm.  The clouds had cleared making for a fantastic day in the valley.  I drove up the canyon to the waterfall and quickly set up my camera equipment.  I soon learned I had forgotten one key piece of equipment.  The wind was blowing down the canyon at a steady clip.  My fingers quickly started to hurt due to the lack of my photo gloves.  I was only able to stay for a few pictures, but I am happy with the results. Click here to view on black.

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Bridal Viel


It has been awhile since I have been able to get out and take photos.  Tonight I drove up the canyon to Bridal Veil falls to take a few ice pictures.  I got out and set up my camera and quickly realized I had forgotten one very important piece of equipment.  My gloves..... The wind was blowing down the canyon at a steady rate.  Within a couple of minutes my hands were hurting.  I took about 10 photos of the falls and surrounding ice flows and had to head back to the car.  My hands at this point were in serious pain.  Well at least I got a few fun photos.

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My son has been wanting to restore and old BMW for quite some time now.  Just recently he purchased this BMW for very little.  He is so excited to get it up and running.  Apparently the engine is in good shape and he should have it up and running pretty soon.  This HDR was processed using one RAW image.BMW HDR