Jan 2012

Reflections from Utah Lake

 I ended up catching a nasty virus recently, so I have been unable to get out and take any photos.  Today I decided to do the next best thing.  I looked at several old photos from the Utah Lake State Park.  This one was taken on December 15th 2009.  The temperatures that day were very much like today's... cold with a North wind blowing.  The biggest difference from that year to this was the amount of snow.  This year is one of our driest on record.


Icy Sunset

I shot today as the sun was setting it looked like there may be some fun colors down at the lake.  After several days of above average temperatures I was no prepared to find the lake frozen solid.  With a major wind event on Saturday night the ice was broken and refrozen into several interesting shapes.

This was a fun photo to process. I took several different exposures hoping that I would be able to process one or two into a nice HDR. The exposures ranged from a quick exposure to over 30 seconds. There was not a lot of color in the sky except close to the horizon. It was getting dark quick and several people were walking on the ice around and in front of where I was shooting. In the end I like how the exposure turned out.

For this photo I used:
a tripod
nikon d7000
nikon 28-300 lens

For processing I used:
Lightroom 3
HDR efex
three color processing points to lighten the ice
Topaz Denoise

I like the rich colors offset by the cool ice
I like the reflection of color off the ice blocks
I like how well defined the ice block are.

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