Jul 2011

Denver Temple

Recently we travelled to Denver, Colorado to visit family. On three separate nights I drove to the LDS Denver Temple. Each of these photos are HDR and are either 3 exposures or 5 exposures depending on the camera I was using. I used HDR efex Pro to develop them. I also used an absolute must when shooting HDR a tripod. The grounds are absolutely stunning at each of the LDS Temples. These were a little damaged on the day I went due to a large hail storm that had passed through a few days earlier. One thing that I love about HDR is that it allows for dramatic scenes to be shown to their full extent.

In the following photos I love how the water is silky smooth.
I like the color of the clouds.
I like how you can see the detail in all areas, but because of the way the grounds are built I like the eye being drawn to the Temple and the fountain. In the portrait photo I love the dramatic sky in the background and the vibrant color of the steeple.

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Denver 4-2Denver Temple 1-2Denver Temple 2-2Denver Temple 3-2


This was a fun night. By the time I got to this location it was raining cats and dogs and the mosquitoes were out in full force. I was inside my car with my camera hooked up to a cable release. I was dry and so were the mosquitoes. I stayed for a few shots and then went home. I was pleased with how this turned out. I find the two signs ironic for this photo.
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Sunset Fireworks

I took this photo during an extremely active lightening storm from my car. When taking lightening photos I have three different methods each work with different degrees of success. First I stay in the car. I use a tripod with a cable release. Then I point the camera in the direction of the storm. For the first method I hold the cable release and press as soon as I see the lightening. I have pretty good success for with this method. The second method I set the camera for maximum apeture with a low iso and just fire away. This is the least successful method. The third is for when it is dark I set the camera on bulb for 10 to 30 seconds any lightening that strikes during this time will be captured.

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