Jun 2011

LDS Idaho Falls Temple

My oldest son recently has begun to develop an interest in photography.  He purchased a Cannon DSLR and has been having a lot of fun being creative with it.  This is his first attempt at an HDR.  This is a three stop of the LDS Idaho Falls Temple.  I love how rich the colors are and of the reflection on the water. The clouds in the background give a sense of a storm, but the sunset on the left give hope that the worst is past. This is a beautiful setting captured very well.


Slate Canyon Trail

As our weather warms and the snow melts. Some of our trails start to vanish.



I went up one of our local canyons to take photos of the spring run off.  I found this log in the middle of the stream surrounded by rushing water.  It took about ten shots to finally get everything lined up on this one.  Including not having water droplets all over the lens.



I shot this from inside a small overhang. Water was oozing out of the rocks, and the space was barely large enough for my camera, a small pool, small tripod and a cable release.