Sep 2011

Upper Provo River Waterfall


This photo is a small portion of a larger waterfall along the Provo River in the Uinta Mountain Range of Utah.  The sun was out on a cloudless day and this was the only section of the waterfall that was in the shade.  On my way to this location I took a hard fall in the water.  Lucky for me I was not holding my camera at the time.  Unlucky my big toe is now is extreme pain as I kicked a rock trying to catch my balance. I was quite funny looking though.  

Single Strike


Two weeks ago we had an incredible light show that was thrown by mother nature. The strikes were coming every few seconds. and they were mostly located in the same area. This photo was taken from about 15- 20 miles away from where the strike originated.

Equipment used:

Nikon d7000
Ball head
Remote cable release and my 24-70 lens.

I set the camera on manuel focus
at f/16
iso 200
6 second exposure..

I love all the fingers extending from the lightning
I love the clouds
I like the lights from the city

Thank you for visiting today.