HDR, Man Made

LDS Idaho Falls Temple

My oldest son recently has begun to develop an interest in photography.  He purchased a Cannon DSLR and has been having a lot of fun being creative with it.  This is his first attempt at an HDR.  This is a three stop of the LDS Idaho Falls Temple.  I love how rich the colors are and of the reflection on the water. The clouds in the background give a sense of a storm, but the sunset on the left give hope that the worst is past. This is a beautiful setting captured very well.



My son has been wanting to restore and old BMW for quite some time now.  Just recently he purchased this BMW for very little.  He is so excited to get it up and running.  Apparently the engine is in good shape and he should have it up and running pretty soon.  This HDR was processed using one RAW image.BMW HDR

Sunset on the Train

Sunset on Train

We have been socked in with a heavy fog and smog for several days now.  Today about two hours before sunset it started to lift.  I grabbed the camera and drove down to this local train bridge to take a few HDR photos of the sunset.  As luck would have it just as the sunset was at its best this train rolled by.  

I edited this five stop photo using CS5 HDR Pro.  to get the train in the clear I used the reduce ghosts feature.  I then processed the photo in Lightroom 3.  I brought out a few more colors in Viveza 2 the final edit was with Topaz Denoise.

It has been too long since the last time I was able to shoot.  So tonight was a treat.

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Train Graffiti

HDR Train-1

The other night I was taking engagement pictures for my Nephew. They wanted the look and feel of the railroad. We went to where these boxcars have been stored for over a year. These trains are close to one mile in length all are light in color and covered in graffiti. Below is a sample of the same location. For the top photo I used three photos and processed it using Photoshop CS5. I latter took out the halo effect by importing a photo with the correctly exposed sky and then doing some editing as I merged the two photos. The bottom photo was a single exposure using Photomatix Pro. I did not work on the halo effect.

DSC_5 4 69_4 69_469_tonemapped

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Snowed In

Snowed In

We had a quick moving heavy snow storm this afternoon. It was snowing so hard the visibility was limited. This prompted me to look into my photos for something that was winter. I found this photo from my trip to Eureka, Utah about a month ago. This photo was a three stop HDR. On this photo shoot I was sick. I had no energy, but I wanted to get out of the house. Because of this I shot everything that day hand held. I was too tired to put the tripod together for any of the shots. In saying this I still think they turned out pretty good.

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This was a fun little photo to take. The wagon is located on the front porch of the cabin I filmed the other day. This is just one of many theme items on this porch. This photo was with the aid of a tripod. It was foggy and the light wasn’t great. The photo is a five exposure HDR that I batch processed and then exported into Photomatix Pro. Batch processing is basically editing one of your photos and then applying those settings to each of the other photos. Here is a link to one of many tutorials found on the web http://vodpod.com/watch/1972915-batch-processing-in-lightroom. Basically it is a way to save a ton of time editing large groups of photos.

After composing the HDR and getting the settings the way I liked it on the photo I exported it to Photoshop and applied a small amount of Topaz Adjust, and Denoise to the photo.

I like the rustic look of this photo.
I like how it looks like a toy, but one that was useful.
I like the rich colors of the photo.
I would like to have a a handle on the end of the wagon with a child pulling it.

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Rexburg Temple Sunrise

Rexburg Temple Sunrise

We were in Rexburg, Idaho to take a tour of BYUI. This was one of the schools my daughter was planning on attending. The Rexburg Temple sits on top of a hill on the campus of BYUI. It is an incredible building. This was our last morning in Rexburg. I arose before anyone was awake and set the tripod up in an empty field. My goal was to take a photo of the temple right as the sun rose over the horizon. The Temple faces East. This was one of my first attempts at HDR photography. The photo is a five exposure HDR. I didn’t have a cable release or a very good tripod, but I think the photo turned out nice. The small specks on each side of the temple are actually birds that took to flight as the sun rose.

I like the sun enhanced color of the temple.
I like the color of the horizen, it matches the temple.
I like the moon in this photo.
The blue to me off sets the color of the temple nicely.

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