HDR, water

Fall on the River

Colorful Provo River

This is an HDR that was processed from a single photo using Photomatix Pro.  Work had been extremely hard this day.  I came home and told my wife I needed some time to process the day.  I grabbed my camera and headed up Provo Canyon.  I arrived at this spot right as the sun was setting.

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Small Waterfall, Long exposure

Small Falls

This little waterfall was found in a small hidden area just off the path going to Fish Creek Falls located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I went to this location to film Fish Creek falls. So before we left I put a neutral density and a polarizing filter on my lens. The use of these filters allows less light to reach the sensor which in turn give a longer exposure. When this is done with moving water it gives the effect of making the water look silky. Even though it was the middle of the day I soon found out that for this location I did not need these filters. This little waterfall was located in such a dark little area that no sunlight was reaching the water. I took the filters off and reshot. My original plan for this waterfall was to shoot a 5 exposure HDR. The problem I quickly ran into was that so many people were in the area and even though my camera was on a tripod, the mirror up and I was using a cable release it was hard to get five sharp photos. I had to have the tripod on a small bridge, and the traffic going up and down kept producing vibrations. Instead I settled for one exposure.

I exported the photo to NX2 and developed it as normal. This included slightly increasing the exposure. At that point I saved it and then made one stop changes and resaved each time. I was able to make four total exposures. A quick export into Photomatix Pro and I had the HDR I was looking for.

At this point in the development the photo is far from being finished. I exported to Lightroom then to CS4 where I brought in the original photo so that I could blend a few areas that were over saturated from the HDR work. Once I had the photo where I wanted it I merged the layers and ran Topaz DeNoise.

I like how clear the water is in the small pool.
I like the different levels the water takes as it falls into the pool.
I like the moss covered walls.

The equipment I used:
Nikon D200
18-135 lens
Cable release
Mirror up

The Specs:
Iso 100
3 sec exposure

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