Landscape, HDR



This photo was taken in the White Rocks area of the Snow Canyon State Park in Utah. This photo was a five frame HDR. As I was walking up to the white rock area I was slightly unimpressed by the formation. The rocks had a dirty white look to them. They looked very similar to the Petrified Dunes but without all the color. I was quickly proven wrong. This area was spectacular. It had a small stream that was flowing down one side, and the white rocks had incredible color. There was some reds, yellow, and oranges mixed in. As I followed this small stream it led me to the origin. Here was a small oasis in the desert. The water was coming from the rocks. The sand was white, and plants were growing out of the sand and rocks.

I like the details found in the sand.
I like the color of the plants growing out of the sand and rock.
I like the color of the rocks.
I like the small amount of water that was present.

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