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Night on Timpanogos

Night on Timpanogos
Over the weekend we had a nice snow storm throughout Utah. The storm was clearing as the sun was setting. There were enough clouds in the air that it had the potential for a great sunset. I headed for the foothills, but as luck would have it the sunset fizzled. As I was heading home Timpanogos Mountain began to come alive. I decided to head down to Utah Lake and take a straight on photo of the mountain. The sun had now fully set, but the light was bending towards the mountain in a way that it just glowed. I missed the best light on the mountain, but there was still enough that Timpanogos stood out from the rest of the scene.

The specs.
30 second exposure
iso 200

I like the darker blue of the sky. There are a couple of small star dots starting to show.
I like the dark color in the middle of the scene with the lights. It show that dark has come.
The dark and light of the mountain draw the eye to the city and the mountain.

Let me know what you think.