Double Rainbow


This two shot pano was right after a brief summer rainstorm in Heber, Utah.

Bridal Veil Falls

 bridal Veil

The colors are just starting to change.  Even though this waterfall is only a few minutes drive from my home I have not been able to be near it, with a camera, during fall season.   Today was different.  I made a point of getting up early this morning to take a few photos.  This particular picture is five frames each of five seconds in length.  After stitching the picture together I then needed to re-paint the sky.  Because of the long exposure the sky was completely blown out.  I hope to get back here next week when the colors will be a little more intense, but with my luck......

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Maple Mountain

Maple Mountain

We had just finished eating and my wife asked if I would go to some of the local craft stores with her to purchase some of the items for our daughters wedding. She had some half off coupons, but there was a limit of one per customer. This wedding is getting to be more and more money. So I went with her. Within a few minutes we had save close to $30 and were on our way home. As we drove up our street this was the scene we saw in the Southwestern part of the valley. I quickly ran into the house grabbed the camera and drove to the end of our street. I was literally thirty seconds late in photographing Maple Mountain in full color. By the time I arrived it had darkened dramatically.

I didn’t have time to set up a tripod so I set the camera to f/7.1, and the iso to 400. This allowed the shutter to be between 1/200 and 1/250 of a second. The left image is 1/200 the right is 1/250.

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Red Rocks and Pine Mountains

Red Rocks and Pine Mountains

This photo is again from two weeks ago when we were in St. George, Utah. In the foreground is the famous Southern Utah red rocks. These are beautifully outlined by the white snow capped Pine Mountains. This photo is a five frame panoramic just as the sun was setting. I love how the clouds are hugging the mountains on the right side of the photo. These clouds are the last remnant of the storm that pounded the area the night before. I also love the rich red rock cliffs and bluffs that pop out in front of the traditional snow capped mountains.

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Rocky Mountain Farming

Rocky Mountain Farming

This is a 7 exposure 3 frame panoramic photo from last week. I took this photo about 20 minutes before the sleeping lady photo with the reflection on the lake. Timpanogos Mountain is located just to the right of the v in the mountains. I set the f/stop at f/2 to gain a maximum depth of field. I wanted to get the farming gate in the center of the picture, but when I took the photo I wasn’t happy about the weeds. I now like them as they add to the look of this gate being abandoned.

To achieve this type of photo you must move fast. Get all of your settings in order before you begin taking pictures. Equipment that is necessary is a tripod and a cable release. I set the tripod in the snow as far down as it would go. In saying this it still did not touch solid ground. That is where the cable release comes in. it made it so that there was no movement on the camera. For each photo you also need to have overlap so that the software can stitch the individual photos together.

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Cascade and Provo River

Cascade Pano

Yesterday I had plans for my daily photo blog when life happened. My plans for the evening were to watch the TCU-BSU football game and edit a new photo I took for my recent invitation to HDR Spotting. This is a recent new webpage that displays some of the best HDR photos that can be found on the web. The actual address is

Back to my plans I had just sat down to watch the game when my wife and daughters said it was time for family time. So being a semi smart husband I turned the tv off and listened as my 6 year old daughter began her presentation. Shortly into her presentation she let out a terrible scream, followed by tears. Our 17 month old had bitten her. After several minutes of tears and mom and dad not doing the presentation right she was again able to proceed.

At the end of her presentation I made a quick look at the clock. It was halftime. I thought ok...I can finish editing the photo for the blog and HDR Spotting and watch the second half. At this point my teenage daughter was hunched over in pain. I took her to the dr. who diagnosed food poisoning. By the time I purchased the medicine and got her tucked in bed it was 12:30. I thought no blog, but at least she is okay and on the road to recovery.

Then at 4 a.m. my son woke me up, because the teenager was in terrible pain. After consulting with her, she felt it was not much better. She would wait for the next time she could take the medicine. At 5:30 her pain had increased and we decided to go the hospital. By noon she had been diagnosed with appendicitis, she had the surgery and was resting in her room.
This photo was taken near Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. The mountain on the left is Cascade Mountain. In this area of the river there are several waterfalls that cascade off the mountain. For this shot I used a tripod and made five exposures of each section. This photo took 10 different pictures to put together.

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