Frozen Bridal

Frozen Bridal-3

For today’s photo I got up early and headed up Provo Canyon. I was looking for a small waterfall that I have photographed often. When I arrived at the place of interest the parking lot had been shut down for the winter due to avalanche danger. I then decided head over to Bridal Veil Falls. The last couple of days had been fairly cold and I was hoping the ice had formed some nice formations. The above picture is what I saw. In caves these formations are called flow stone. It was absolutely breathtaking.

This photo is five photos stitched together. Each photo is composed of seven different exposures. For today I thought I would show you several different effects using different plugins.
The first photo is a simple panoramic stitch.

The Specs
iso 400. I had a slightly higher iso due to the cold strong canyon wind. while taking this photo I had to shield the camera from the wind. it was causing it to slightly shake, but standing close to the camera my body kept this from happening.
7 exposure
5 frames

My favorite part of this photo is the incredible detail of the individual ice in the main falls.
Frozen Bridal-1
This photo is enhanced using the plugin Topaz Detail. The plugin helped to highlight the small details of the ice and rocks. In this photo the popcorn look on the flow ice is highlighted. The yellow color on the ice is most likely due to erosion. The color is probably the dust particles carried by the water.
Frozen Bridal-2

This look is accomplished by using my favorite plugin Topaz Simplify. The plugin allows the photo to keep the important characteristics, yet at the same time it simplifies the overall effect of a photograph.

Frozen Bridal-4

This look is achieved by using Snap Art 2 and the pointillism effect. Snap Art allows you to get the cleanest look to a painting as possible. I like each and every one of these looks for different reasons.

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Last Light in Pastel

Last Light Pastel-1

Here is another look at the frozen photoshoot I did with my friend Jon Adams a couple of weeks ago. This is a three frame panoramic stitch. Each frame used five exposures. After I made the HDR in using Photomatix Pro I used my new Christmas Present of Snap art to give the photo a painting type of a look. This photo was processed under the pastel plugin.

I like the look the paintings gives to a photo. I would never be able to produce this look on my own. I just don’t have that type of talent. I don’t pretend to say that this type of photo will replace painting, but it sure gives photographers a new tool to represent our work.

I like the cool feeling of this photo.
I like how the lines in the ice and clouds form a nice curve.
I like the colors of the sky.

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Plugins part 2

Watercolor Sunset

Here is another picture edited using Snap Art 2. This was a sunset that was taken looking towards the southern end of Utah Valley. I edited the photo using the watercolor feature of Snap Art 2. The thing I like about this plugin and the Topaz plugins are they allow you to take a photo and edit it in a creative way to give it a look like a painting.

For those who are wondering what to get with extra Christmas money try the plugins at Topaz and Snap Art. They give you a fully operational trial version. You can try and see if you like and then buy or just discard.

For all of you that have visited my site over the past few months I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.