Missed Tackle

Missed Tackle

Here is my entry on Super Bowl Sunday. Last year at my son’s football game I had just gotten a new teleconverter. I placed this on my 70-200mm lens. I shot the photo from 70 yards away. While it looks like the players have this running back contained they did not wrap up. The back was hit by three Provo players at the exact same moment. The Provo players all fell down. The running back waltzed into the end zone 60 yards away.

Here are a few keys to this type of photo. First you must have a quick lens. That means a pro quality lens. These lenses are expensive, but when you get the pictures back from your child’s recital or sports game it is all worth while.
Next a quality camera is important. Never underestimate what a quality cameras (a DSLR) can do for your photos. One of the first things you will notice is the rapid fire picture taking. There is no lag. Then you need to have some knowledge of the sport or event you are filming. This is so that you can position yourself in the place that offers the greatest chance of success.

After this photo was processed I then added a small touch of Topaz adjust. This program brought out the details of the action.

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A couple of years back I was the official photographer for my daughters swim team. This was baptism by fire. I had just recently purchased my Nikon D200. I quickly learned that I needed a faster lens. All of her meets were indoors and in poor lighting. The key to taking making this type of picture work is a high iso and fast lens.

The specs
iso 1000

I like the intensity of the eyes.
I like the subject being in the center of the photo.
I like the blur of the hands. They show motion
I would like the subject to be larger.

Let me know what you think.