Provo Canyon Waterfall

Provo Canyon Waterfall

Tomorrow is the day that I have a root canal and now it is looking like a possible wisdom tooth extraction. I am not excited about my trip to the dentist. At least I have a nice dentist who is also a good dentist. In preparation for the big day I thought I would look into my past pictures for one that reminds me of happier times and with Spring just around the corner gives hope for future photo shoots.

This photo is taken up Provo Canyon just past Bridal Veil Falls. This double falls is tucked in a section of Cascade Mountain that is easily missed if not looking for it.

I took this with my 70-200mm lens.
The specs:
iso 200
2.5 sec

I like the movement of the water
I like how the water is the focal point.
I like the colors of the trees.
I like how the water vanishes into the rocks.

Let me know what you think.


Stewart Falls Timpanogos

Stewart-Falls, Timpanogos

Today was a cool morning with rain showers, but by afternoon the temperatures warmed up and the sun was out. It gave me hope for warmer days to come. This photo is from Stewart Falls. This is the largest waterfall on Timpanogos Mountain. To get to it you hike from the Aspen Grove trailhead. The hike is about 45 minutes. For this photo I used a tripod, neutral density filter and a cable release. Because of the time of day the sun was directly over the top of the waterfall and was too big of a distraction to include. I processed this in Lightroom 3 beta and applied some burn in CS4. as a final step I added some Topaz Adjust to bring out just a little more detail. I then faded the adjustments to get the final copy. When I cropped this photo it looked crooked so I made a small adjustment there as well.

The specs
iso 200

I like the three different waterfall sections.
I like the texture of the rocks.
I like the water.
I am not sure if I have the crop right, but I was unable to find the angle I like the most. I think this is due to the three separate sections of the falls and the water moving in different directions.

Thank you for visiting.


Battle Creek Falls

Battle Creek Falls

This waterfall is called Battle Creek Falls it is located a short distance up Battle Creek Canyon on the face of Timpanogos Mountain. In Utah County. I would have liked to have taken this photo from a higher angle or from a further distance so that you are not looking straight up at the waterfall. This was not possible due to the local foliage being in the way. In the lower part of this photo contains the shadow from a large tree. This is a great place to visit on a hot day. With the water falling off the cliff the area we took this photo in was several degrees cooler.

The specs on this photo are:

iso 200

I used a tripod, neutral density filter and a cable release.

Thanks for visiting today.