Western Landscape

On the Road

On the Road-1

We were traveling through Colorado recently. With the kids in the car and a long day behind and in front of us we didn't want to stop the car. Getting home was more important then stopping to take a photo. This mountain has alwas facinated me. There is practically no vegitation on the mountain, yet it has an increadible amount of detail and character. This photo is the perfecte example of adapting to whatever conditions present themselves to you. I rolled down the window set the iso higher with a shallower f stop which created a high shutter speed. I needed this in order to have a fairly sharp photo. After all we were traveling at 80 miles an hour.

The specs
shutter 1/1250s
iso 400

I like the contrast of the blue sky and the earth tone mountain top.
I like teh black and greys.
I like the patterns the water has cut into the mountain.
I wish I could have stopped the car and properly taken the photo, but we can't always have what we want

Let me know what you think.