Today started out with a trip to the dentist for a root canal. If time allowed he was also going to work on my wisdom tooth. As my luck would have it the canal was calcified thus making it even harder to successfully complete the root canal. Lucky for me the dentist I now have is very skilled at both the dental work and in reading the patients needs. He was able to successfully complete the procedure and due to a pre conference he anticipated complications I may have and headed them off before they became an issue.

Now onto today’s blog. While I was still numb from the root canal procedure my boy called and asked if I would help him with his photography homework. Like any parent I answered yes. Little did I know that this would mean he had to take about a dozen outdoor photos with only about five minutes of daylight left. This would also mean he didn’t want to put much time into the composition of the said photos. He was doing only the minimum. Which also meant no tripod or setting the camera up properly. The photo above was one of his finds. This was handheld in dim light with a battery grip, teleconverter and a 70-200 lens. That is why it is slightly out of focus.

The specs:
iso 400

Even though he didn’t set up the camera to give himself the best chance at success I like the photo he took.

I like the setting of the wood buckets.
I like the motion of the small windmill.
I like the seed pods on the trees behind the white fence.
I like the colors of the photo as they are enhanced by the setting sun.

Procrastination on Oil

To process these photos I started out in NX2 and made three different exposures each at 2 stop differences. I converted them to Jpeg format and imported them to Photomatix Pro. After making a few adjustments in Photomatix I saved and exported to Lightroom 3 beta. I made a few more adjustments and exported to CS4. From here I used Topaz Denoise for both and then for the bottom photo I converted it into an oil painting using Snap Art 2.

Thank you for visiting today.