Waxing Crescent Moon

I have been itching to get out and take some photos lately, but have been hard pressed to find the time.  This holiday season The weather has been cold with a lot of valley haze.  Today we took the kids for a fun outing to play with some of their Christmas toys.  I took my camera along.  I got a few good snapshots of the kids.  On the way home we stopped by a local waterfall I was anxious to try a new filter out.  I moved quickly due to the temperature being cold and a stiff and steady wind blowing.  The waterfall was flowing nicely and it was surrounded with ice.  I set up and quickly learned that the attachment I needed to mount the camera on the tripod was back at home.  At this point I decided taking photos was not meant to be.  I took the family to a nice restaurant.  Today was just not the day to take photos. On our way home from dinner I saw this amazing photo op.  The only problem was I had dropped my camera off at home before going to eat.  I knew I had only a few moment of magic left so I quickly grabbed the camera bag and ran to the end of our street.  I had time to take about six photos.  This one was about a 6 second exposure.  I love how all the colors come together to form a quiet evening moon set.

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your holiday.  We will all be back to work soon.